Photographed by Tracie Heasman

Photographed by Tracie Heasman

Ingrid’s art creates a world of such surreal beauty and elegance it’s tempting to think its creation is sublimely effortless. The reality is quite different, and her art is the product of an exacting process drawn from her formal training.

After studying Art at Westminster University, London, Ingrid completed an Illustration degree at De Montfort. Today, her work is displayed in private collections around the world especially in New Zealand, her home since 2000.

To many, her signature has become a particular depiction of the female form: extraordinarily glamorous and elongated, set in meticulously rendered contexts that play tricks with proportion and scale.

Over the years she has explored other themes and subject areas that might seem unexpected. Ranging from classic cars to abstract works, they all share the same characteristic precision and attention to detail. Each work is the product of many stages of creation and refinement.

Typically, a painting will start with conceptualising the idea before a broad search for information. Ingrid will then sketch the work while looking for as much physical reference as possible. The details are then painstakingly researched – every button, every stitch of clothing, every choice of prop must be perfect. Before painting, Ingrid creates a photographic composition, often with the use of a model, to build dimension on the earlier sketch.

Ingrid’s confidence in bringing these disciplines together in her art stems from her classical training. Over time she has honed her skills further, enabling her to create several works each year for exhibition as well as taking on commercial commissions.